There’s Hope For Pizza Becoming A Nutritious Superfood Of The Future

People grabbing slices of pizza, overhead view. Photo: Eric Savage (Getty).

I don’t care what anyone says, pizza is the greatest invention in the history of mankind. It trumps the wheel, automobile and internet as the standout result of someone putting sleepless nights into making something great.

The problem with pizza, however, is that it’s bad for you. All that delicious sauce, cheese, fat and grease make us what we eat — saucy, cheesy, fat and greasy. This is what makes us, as a society, depend on brilliant scientists to make pizza a healthy go-to meal.

According to one nutritionist, it might just happen.

Nutritious Superfood Of The Future: Pizza?

An executive by the name Dan Schultz works at Abbot Laboratories, a company that does work in the field of meal replacement. Schultz said in a recent interview with Business Insider that one day pizza may become a nutritious superfood, much like kale and brussels sprouts. That’s right, they hope that in the future, pizza pushes those stank-ass veggies off your plate.

pizza superfood


The awesome news doesn’t stop there, though. Schultz said his company has seen promise in making 3D-printed food, which is basically the only invention that can outdo pizza on the list of awesome inventions.

From inside Business Insider:

That technology could allow different items to be personalized according to a person’s unique nutritional needs. Are you low in iron or magnesium? A machine could print out a pancake or a piece of lasagna that contains extra, Schmitz said.

Imagine a machine magically printing out an artificial pizza that tastes exactly like the real thing, only it’s full of vitamins, nutrients and nothing bad for you. How soon can I buy this thing? Just take my money!

For now, the magical “super nutritious pizza” is just a theory, and one isn’t out there for consumption. But don’t worry, I’m sure scientists at Schultz’s company are making this their number one priority. Until then, you’re going to have to get your pizza the old fashion way and wait for delivery.

Then again, maybe just wait for a pizza truck crash on the highway and scoop up all the free pies on the road.