Hilarious Penis Drawings from Social Media

Photo: AAGAMIA(Getty Images)

There probably isn’t a human alive who held a pen in their hands and didn’t decide to draw a penis. As one greeting card states – “Give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day. Give him a pen, he’ll draw a penis”. Male, female, old or young, it doesn’t matter, it’s just funny. But people on social media brought penis drawings to a whole different level, there are some true dick artists on Instagram. Which is fitting because most artists are dicks.

It’s impossible not to think of the legendary Superbad dick-drawing scene, so check out these funny penis drawings found online and see whether these people are on the level of young Seth.

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This Instagram user was cleaning out her dick treasure chest and found these amazing, movie-inspired penis drawings. It’s really fitting that she chose to draw Frankencock’s monster as guys tend to yell “It’s alive!” when they get an erection.

Adolf Hitler was too much of a dick not be incorporated in a lot of penis drawings. Arguably the best part of dick doodles is that they provide a lot of space to make amazing puns like Adolf Dickler. Hilarious.

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If this isn’t art then there is no art in the world. The artist standing proudly next to his creation is an additional touch. Try to count how many penis drawings can you find in this detailed modern classic.

The artist named this creation Cocktopus. There is nothing funnier we can add to this so we’ll move on.

Another proud artist displaying his epic penis drawing. The western note is a bold choice and the details are what really makes the drawing amazing. The cactus, the animal skull, the blazing sun, and oh yeah – the group of wild dicks on the horizon.


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