There’s A Dating App Just For People Who Are Verified On Twitter

Distracted by technology. Photo: PeopleImages (Getty).

Are you a lonely blue check mark? Are you liked by thousands of people you don’t know, but wish you knew just one to love? Are the pressures of being Twitter famous adversely affecting your love life?

Fear not, verified tweeter, for there is now a dating app for you to find the GIF-posting, hashtag-using, grammatically incorrect soulmate you desire.

There’s A Dating App Just For People Verified On Twitter

dating app verified twitter

BLUE is a premium version of an existing app called Loveflutter, and it’s geared toward the elite Twitter crowd. According to their website, BLUE lets you start mingling with nearby blue check marks because, you know, if you don’t have the blue check mark you’re a nobody.

From the site:

“Verified on Twitter? Join BLUE, a members-only community of the most happening singles on Twitter. Swipe interesting people nearby in music, film, fashion, politics, media, sports, business and more.”

Finally, you can date all those celebrities and you won’t have to worry about normies without checkmarks clogging up your dating timeline. Rejoice!

The CEO, Daigo Smith, said in an interview with Mashable that his company is like “Tinder Select with a more transparent membership process.” Basically, with BLUE, you can know for sure if it’s really Kylie Jenner’s DMs you’ve been trying to slide into.

Like anything with the word “premium” attached to it, BLUE will come at a price. What that price is, however, is still up in the air. The company hasn’t exactly set it yet. But don’t worry, that monthly subscription expense will be announced soon, so you’ll know exactly how much it’ll cost to be done with dating tweeters who aren’t verified.

Part of the checkmark crowd? You might want to get a “brosectomy” first. You wouldn’t want to mistakenly get a celebrity pregnant, after all.