D.C. Guy Looking For Dropped Phone Falls Into Trash Chute

Photo: Twitter

What a piece of trash.

While a dude in Arizona was getting himself stuck in a chimney, one guy in Washington D.C. was  so determined in retrieving a phone he had dropped in the trash that he actually fell down the trash chute. But luckily for him he found his phone while in the trash and was able to call for help.


D.C. Fire and Emergency Services said the man told rescuers he leaned into the trash chute to see if he could spot his phone after throwing away his garbage about 3 a.m. Sunday and ended up falling in.

The man apparently found his phone, as he was able to call 911 from inside the trash chute, D.C. Fire and Emergency Services spokesman Vito Maggiolo said.

Once the firefighters arrived they were able to feed fresh air down to the trash chute to help the idiot breathe while they attempted to rescue him.

And don’t worry, even though this dude almost died for a phone he was eventually rescued after the department’s confined space rescue unit used a  harness to get the man out of the chute.

Somehow the man escape without any serious injuries. And now he can tell all his friends that they were right when they called him a piece of garbage.

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