Russian Airport Gets Backlash After Creating ‘Women Only’ Parking Spots

Photo: Brigitte Sporrer (Getty)

Hey, it’s Russia.

Bosses at Moscow Airport are receiving backlash left and right after they decided to go ahead and create ‘women only’ car parking spots recently. The spots are painted in pink and have a high-heeled shoe on the concrete to show that they are made for ladies only. Yeah, probably not the best move, Russia. Oh, and the spaces are larger than normal. Oh boy.

Let’s first take a look at this ‘women only’ spot below.

Photo: CEN

Photo: CEN

Folks in charge of the airport have defended these parking spots saying that women need extra room for loading and loading and that women are “usually the ones transporting children” so the extra space is needed. Although some people aren’t buying it as it has become a major issue in Russia.

Here’s what one activist had to say:

“If the goal was to provide more room for children why weren’t the spaces given a different name which would indicate that they were designated for families, but instead they were designated to women which makes me believe that the airport authorities believe that women need more room whilst parking. This kind of thinking and branding is clearly sexist.”

Airport bosses are now deciding whether to keep the spaces or not.

h/t Metro

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