Funny Boyfriend Memes Girls Love To Share

While you might think that guys’ memes about their girlfriends are pretty ahead of whatever girls have cooking in their own meme kitchen, you might be very surprised as the females haven’t been slacking on this front. These funny boyfriend memes are pretty dope and you’ll be surprised at how many of them you’ll be able to relate. Most of them will make you feel like the cop at the end of The Usual Suspects, but some will genuinely make you feel better.

Definitely not the first one as you can only look back at those first months of happiness when your girlfriend didn’t look like the witch from Little Mermaid. Well, at least now you can act like the Foul Bachelor Frog you are deep down.

Most of the funny boyfriend memes girl make are about how they are overprotective of their boyfriends, and it’s pretty cute while it’s only a meme, when you experience it in real life that’s when you realize you’re dating a psycho like your friends told you a long time ago. But now it’s too late to pull back.

The most common situation you’ll encounter with a female psycho (which is a redundant term, we know) is this one, and while the more naive guys thought this was a genuine response, those who’ve already dated female succubuses know what’s actually up. Although we are impressed with the audacity to make funny boyfriend memes about it.

It’s all a test to see if you “can’t handle them at their worst” because then you don’t deserve them at their best or at least that’s why they think. Pro tip: if the girl has this quote on her social media – run the other way, run like Usain Bolt. Actually, not like Usain, he always relaxes like the last few meters, run like Forrest Gump. Never stop running.

If the girl is worth sticking around keep a Snickers bar around you at all times as you never know when you’ll need it. We can bet that this is how those commercials were thought off, a guy saved his head by putting Snickers in front of his angry girl.

But after a while, every guy stands up for himself. This will confuse and short circuit the female, she will had to fall back to making memes to recover.

This is when the shift of powers occurs and guys show that they are there for their own pleasure, not just to be sources for funny boyfriend memes to be passed around on Tumblr and Twitter.

It’s rough enough to say to your girl that she resembles Patrick from SpongeBob, but to have the courage to tell her she looks like the worst version of Patrick is Hall of Fame level bravery. Build this guy a monument, put him on the money we use for paying dates, just do something!

It’s a cycle, a circle of life if you want to, a guy teases the girl by comparing her to a slow cartoon character, she gets mad, and now the guy has to dance around to make her break down and crack a smile despite being pouty. We want this to be narrated by David Attenborough.

If all things fail, refer back to the most professional step of them all and offer the girl food. Then tell her she makes the best funny boyfriend memes.

Just remember to be nice to your Pinhead Larry once in a while, it will go a really long way.

Share additional funny boyfriend memes in the comments below and send this article to your girlfriend with the note “Now I know!”.

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