Cops Found A Drifting Boat Filled With 800 Pounds Of Marijuana

Photo: Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department

Southern California is a great place to visit. There are all sorts of things to do, from Disneyland to Hollywood, making the state a go-to destination for basically everyone.

One of the best parts of Cali are the beaches, where the weather is almost always perfect and the view is, well, you can’t complain about the view here. On top of all that, there are apparently boats full of weed just floating around for no good reason.

Cops Find Drifting Boat Filled With 800 Pounds Of Marijuana

According to a story from the Canyon News, police got a call that a boat was just floating around aimlessly off the coast of Malibu. When authorities arrived, they discovered the boat had nearly half a ton of marijuana just sitting in garbage bags.

800 pounds marijuana boat

Photo: Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department

There was so much weed in the boat that local sheriffs and ICE agents had to get a front loader to wrangle it all into a truck. Cops were literally pushing weight with all this chronic.

800 pounds marijuana boat

After all 800 pounds of the devil’s lettuce was loaded and taken away, authorities simply pushed the boat back out into the water because that’s protocol for weed boats, I guess.

Authorities don’t have any leads as to why the boat was just out there floating around with so much stick-icky, nor do they know who owns the vessel. Maybe Snoop Dogg is a fisherman?

h/t New York Daily News

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