Here’s A Woman Who Went From Buddhist Nun To Fetish Club-Goer

A woman wearing a leather thong and laddered fish net tights, UK, 1980’s. Photo: Diverse Images (Getty).

Have you ever met someone who was super conservative and never seemed to get in any trouble at all? Did that person then do a total 180-degree turn on their personality and become a completely free spirit with a knack for getting into trouble? It doesn’t happen often. But it does, in fact, happen.

Sometimes there’s no rhyme or reason for why people do a complete flip and begin to live a polar opposite life. Other times, there are reasons that completely make sense, but aren’t obvious on the surface.

For a woman in London, a stark change in lifestyle happened for her and she couldn’t be happier about it.

Woman Goes From Buddhist Nun To Fetish Club-Goer

According to a story from the New York Post, a woman named Damcho spent a decade as a Buddhist nun and then one day decided to get into the fetish community, which I’m assuming was a hell of a transition.

Damcho, born Michelle Dyson, was working long days for a monastery in France. She even took a vow not to eat after midday. For those of you who don’t even eat until midday, this vow of hers might be a little hard to swallow.

Photo: GoFundMe

Thanks to a secret trip she took to India, Damcho realized the nun life was burning her out. Deciding that she didn’t want to be about that life anymore, she booked it to London where she met a designer who was into making latex clothing. Believe it or not, Damcho felt a connection between the garments she wore as a nun and those meant for the fetish community. Soon after, she and a friend strapped on some leather and hit up a club where people were tied up and being spanked because, you know, some folks are into that kind of thing.

It was like a sense of comfort for her. After years of making her body suffer with long days, little nourishment and (deep breath) celibacy, Damcho found a safe space of sorts.

“It’s really community-based,” she explained to The Post. “I felt much safer in that environment than I would if I walked into a normal bar.”

Damcho also rediscovered a passion she had before becoming a nun — art. She’s into expressing her fetish side into her art projects, one of which includes “mixing liquid latex with menstrual blood as a medium.” Hey, that’s cool, you do you. It’s not exactly Picasso, but art is art.

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