Today’s Funny Photos 6-2-17

It’s the second day of the month. Are you feeling good? Feeling that the month of June will bring forth a lot more positivity than the month of May did? What’s that? You just took a peak at the news and now you don’t feel great about the world? Hey, neither do we. But if there’s one bright spot out there is that at least you have a new batch of funnies coming at you. And that’s at least something that is going good, right? There is nothing wrong with laughing. Well, strike that. You should probably not laugh if your girlfriend or your wife is yelling at you. That will only make them more angrier, and that may lead them ending up on an episode of Snapped. Well, just make sure you laugh a lot at today’s funnies.

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Or you can always use reverse psychology to get your teacher to raise your final grade.





Looks like the person above was aiming to make our batch of Funny Photos. They succeeded.







Let’s make some good memories now. Check out yesterday’s Funny Photos in case you missed them the first time around.


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