A Real-Life RoboCop Is Patrolling A Shopping Mall In Dubai


I’ve long believed that robots will one day overtake the human race as the dominant society on Earth. After all, we’re beginning to scrape the surface with self-driving cars, vacuum cleaners and other impressive inventions, so it’s only a matter of time before we become technology’s bitches.

It seems you can’t go anywhere nowadays without some form of advanced tech taking up space that was once occupied by a human. You can’t even visit a mall anymore without a cybernetic cop policing the place.

Real-Life RoboCop Works At A Dubai Shopping Mall

At a mall in Dubai, a robot police officer officially reported for duty earlier this week. The robot patrolled the shopping center, making it the first robotic law enforcement officer the world has seen. They’ve nicknamed it after an awesome ’80s flick RoboCop.

real-life robocop dubai

Photo: PAL-ROBOTICS via Fox News

The robot is equipped with a touchscreen that people can use to communicate with local police. The thing also allows you to pay fines, get directions, and even gives you compliments, which is helpful if you’re someone who likes hearing how awesome you are.

While that all sounds great, the robot also scans faces from up to 100 feet away, staying on the lookout for wanted criminals. My concern there is that I might look like someone wanted by police, and the robot will start going all Terminator on my ass by mistake.

Alan Winfield, a professor at the University of the West of England, is calling the same bullshit I am.

“There are big ethical problems,” Winfield told CNN. “If you’re asking a robot to apprehend criminals, how can you be sure that the robot would not injure people?”

You can’t be sure, fam. Not unless technology is, like, 1,000 years or so more advanced than we think.

From what it looks like, the first RoboCop is only the beginning. The Dubai Police hope to have at least 25 percent of their police force being robots some time soon, according to Newsweek.

So if you’re in Dubai and want to go shopping, let’s hope you don’t look like someone wanted by the cops. If you do, RoboCop might just rat you out and you’ll end up in jail when all you wanted was to go to Foot Locker.

h/t Huffington Post

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