The Week’s Funniest GIFs 5-11-17

Let’s keep this short and sweet, as we’ve both got places to be…OK, maybe not me so much, but you should already be scrolling through this week’s roundup of hysterical GIFs. We’ll catch up later. It’s not like this intro is going anywhere.

Mandatory is always posting hilarious GIFs on Facebook and Twitter.
Not sure what the purpose of a chin cam is, but I could care less.
No one is better at the casual lookaway than this dog. No one.
The look on his face says it all. We’re just not sure what “it all” is.
There are no losers in this stair race, including us.
Enjoy the feeling in your legs while it lasts.
When someone’s at the door trying to sell you something.
Wow, it feels like you’re right there with her.
But do they like breasts as much as cats do?
I said cats enjoy boobs, not lizards!
This GIF brought to you by everyone’s grandpa.
This GIF, however, was brought to you by people inspired by novelty peeing statues.
Between chin cam and yoga cam, I can’t decide which is bet– AHHH! OK, chin cam! CHIN CAM!

And that’s how you bring things full circle. Give it a try by checking out last week’s hilarious GIFs.


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