College Freshman Meme: To Educate and Entertain

Opening the meme vault door can’t happen without the College Freshman Meme falling out of it as it was omnipresent thanks to its high relatability. If you just switched from dial-up to non-pain-inducing internet and haven’t seen the smiling face of a generic student wearing a comfy University of New Hampshire hoodie we’ll explain it. And also collect the best versions of it and the cream of the crop of the unavoidable spin-offs.

Basically, what College Freshman Meme is a captioned image depicting the common behavior of new college students everywhere, as their demeanor was and is highly similar regardless of the University or their background. If you’re at college and have a typical CF in your life you’re probably thinking “why do I have to endure this?”, but there is a comfort in knowing that you’re not the only one. Everyone hears their “awesome” party stories only party memes can amend.

The king of the campus cliches, College Freshman is a phenomenon that embodies all the peeving, irritable conducts that are inevitable during your student’ years.

College Freshman Memes
College Freshman Memes

College Freshman Meme started off with this captioned image on Reddit, as everybody knows that over exaggeration in liking things is one of the first symptoms of freshmantitis. Although the first born meme was more poking fun of the college “sport” of Ultimate Frisbee.
College Freshman Meme Psych 101The restraint that is needed when somebody responds to your “I don’t eat bread” with “Interesting, how is your relationship with your father?” is equal to a trained dog who sees a fat, sleeping cat.
Funny College Freshman Meme“Say ‘What’ one more time ha ha ha, am I right?”. Just shoot me accidentally in a moving car and call the cleaning guy. Taxi Driver impressions are also a common nuisance. Basically, a college freshman makes at least 10 persons say “bruhhh” per day.
The Best Funny College Freshman MemeThat will make the parent-professor meeting awkward… Oh, those don’t exist, what’s next – they don’t give out textbooks?
Awesome College Freshman memeIn the end, we should be sympathetic of the college freshman as almost no one is oblivious and scared as him, possibly bunnies, but at least they are cute.
College Freshman Meme LaundryWearing the result of being over-protected by your mother is a worse walk of shame than the one happening after every Halloween party. Not even Foul Bachelor Frog would do this, even he has more skill in life than a college freshman.
Senior Freshman MemeAs any successful meme, freshman one also spawned worthy spin-offs, one of which was a Senior Freshman to a picture of a real-life 95-year old student. Basically depicting all the negative stereotypes of the older students on campus.
Sheltered College Freshman MemeMore fun and more relatable was the Sheltered College Freshman, a caption image series portraying a cute, but nerdy girl that is oblivious to the sexual innuendo of campus living.
Sheltered College Freshman Meme girlThis is the same girl that every guy in her life put a move on with the “Oh, my back hurt, wanna give me a massage?”. The most interesting part of this meme is that the girl Kerin Portillo is a pretty active model who is on a lot of stock photos, and her sweet looks brought her a lot of attention so she even has her own subreddit. There is also a variation of this meme, due to the abundance of Portillo’s photos, called Sheltered No More.
Cool College Freshman memeIn the end, everything ended pretty well for the actual guy in the College Freshman Meme photo, Griffin Kiritsy. His legacy will live on, his meme will continue to entertain, and hopefully to educate these young students on what not to do.

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