Funny Animal Memes To Remind You They Are Better Than Humans

There are two certified anti-depressants without any drawbacks and unwanted symptoms, and that’s memes and animals. So funny animal memes are like the ultimate drug that pharmaceutical companies over the world are trying to emulate unsuccessfully. CraveOnline is your good neighborhood dealer that gets you the good, good stuff under the counter without the doctor’s prescription.

So if you’re girlfriend gets mad at you for liking all those dating memes, just send her this article to cheer her up.

We start things off strongly with this picture of the animal kingdom godfather. We, the people of the internet, are not the first to recognize the wisdom that exudes from Bili apes as one of them has the role of an enlightened advisor in the newest Planet of the Apes movies, but we improved on it. We wonder if the ape followed the Marlon Brando diet to get into this shape.

Besides the legendary dog staring at cupcakes with Vietnam flashbacks gif, there is this piece of brilliant comedy that deals with the war-like traumas of animals. We all know how inexplicably scared dogs are of vacuums, almost as much as I am of commitment.

Both of these statements are absolutely true wherever you go in the world, it’s incomprehensible and somebody should do a social study on it. You could just imagine the face of that old man you have amongst your Facebook friends because you said hey to him that one time in the building and now he thinks you’re pals.

The symbol of greatness, America, strength, might, integrity, powe… nevermind. We ought to find another national animal, or maybe go the Canada route and choose a plant, at least they can’t embarrass us. This bald eagle looks like he would be voiced by Rob Schneider in the next Adam Sandler’s catastrophic movie about methamphetamine abuse in the wild.

We had to put one pun in an article about funny animal memes, and what otter choice did we have than these amazing rock carrying fluffy sea snakes. One of the most underrated animals when it comes to its meme potential, but also general entertainment value.

This is the most dangerous group of animals since the woodland creatures Cartman made up in South Park. Look at them, they look like the toughest posse in the animal kingdom and like they are about the drop the hardest nu metal album ever. They would be better than Limp Bizkit, that’s for sure.

The more you know… Hey, it can’t be all fun and games. Memes are here to educate and motivate too, and what better way to get you outside than to compare you to an animal you didn’t even know existed, as it is that big of a loner.

So this Koala funny meme can be useful when you slide into those DMs as no one can think you’re cheesy when looking at this cute face. Also, know that Koalas have very bad eyesight so he must have been all up in that ass to see it. That koala has more game than you.

It’s impossible to read this in a normal voice, only with imitating some generic movie-villain from a fantasy/sci-fi film. Something like Xerex in 300 or Eddie Redmayne’s character in the godawful Jupiter Ascending.

It seems like this little birdie will star in the ultimate revenge flick of the year, directed by Quentin Tarantino, of course. Another cute murderer, but this one probably speaks in Liam Neeson’s voice, claiming that she has a particular set of skills…

We’re sorry we didn’t include any raccoons in these funny animal memes as they truly are the official crackheads of the animal kingdom.

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