Dating Memes Will Make the Relationship Hardships Bearable

Dating is basically collecting information about a person until you decide you don’t like them, so logically an action as ludicrous and illogical as that is going to have some amazing memes around it. There are too many dating memes simply as they are as a relatable topic for memes as they come. Every man and women on this planet can relate to the same things that happen in every relationship, from a dock worker to a hipster barista, some things are universal. Unfortunately, things that make us infuriated. And as with everything that causes us problems and hardship in life, the only way to deal with it is to make memes out of it.

Unless you’re Drake, then you make mopey music about your dating troubles, but eventually get turned into a meme-lord so it’s inevitable basically.

To start things off comedian Aziz Ansari truly described the current dating game flawlessly, here for you in case you’re an old person on the internet just wanting to laugh at freaking Millenials’ troubles or you just woke from a coma and don’t know about getting “I forgot about a thing” messages. And if you’re going like “but it’s her little niece’s birthday, she really forgot, it can happen” we’re here to tell you there’s no thing man, snap out of it! The dude from the gym finally called her up and you fell down in the pecking order.

No truer things have ever been said than this mind-challenging situation that is without happening on about 10,000 locations in the world while you’re reading this. And every time a guy clinches his fist in rage and thinks about all the good things about the girl so he can justify the mental torture he endures on an everyday basis.

But most of the time even starting out dating is hard and you run into a brick wall as soon as you try something. The only thing you can do in this situation is to laugh at yourself. Then cry.

And when the unimaginable happens and you find a girl you can actually see yourself with, you become the world’s greatest innovator, the Nikola Tesla of getting in your head, and mess things up. At least Tesla had his pigeons, you have nothing now.

One section of dating memes is particularly important and is the advice ones from the relationship pros. Wise teachings passed down from the best of us.

While some guys have an easier time eating steak through a straw than getting a date, some dudes want a more privileged status than a baby panda. And while we regular mortals aspire to be like them, they aspire to be like these knees that keep screaming “Fuck you Sir Isaac Newton, you don’t know a thing about physics”.

But the game is rough, and you have to have your head in it every second as the opponent has its own playbook and some actions you wouldn’t dream up in your life.

To stay in front in this ruthless game that takes out more lives than Formula 1 in the 1960s you need to step your game up.

Luckily, there has been around 27 O.J. Simpson-related shows so your girl should know his story even if he was too young to remember the trial of the century. Scare tactics work for the United States military, so it will definitely work in your romantic endeavors.

The moral of the story is that no matter how much tame and innocent a guy looks is that he’s still a dog underneath. Even Golden Retrievers chase cats with instinctive hate and sniff other dogs’ buts.

In the end, if you’re dating be grateful that at least you’re not Bad Luck Brian and have someone to date. And if you take one thing with you from this meme article, let it be that your food is your food, and you should fight for it.

So come up with your own dating memes or share your favorite ones in the comments section.