These Nicolas Cage Memes Will Remind Us Of His Legacy

Long before memes were a thing and people still shared jokes to entertain themselves, a man was born who will shape the future of internet humor. It was January 7th, 1964, Nicolas Kim Coppola was born, and while he did become a legit movie star as Nicolas Cage, he made a bigger influence on the meme culture. This once great actor will now be remembered more for Nicolas Cage memes, that are an institution of the online world, than for a handful of his great movies.

Obviously, the most well-known Nicolas Cage meme is the You Don’t Say face, and if you didn’t know that was derived from the Hollywood actor give yourself a second to collect your blown mind.

The contour drawing Cage’s face is used as a sarcastic response to a really obvious statement or observation and was commonly posted alone as a reply to such a post on the internet, besides the story memes everyone could relate too.

The actual image was taken from the 1988 movie Vampire’s Kiss, and after seeing the scene you might lose the little respect you had left for Cage thinking that he was once a good actor and abruptly became bad, but it’s actually been on and off for a while. Now it’s just off.

This resulted in the ultimate Nicolas Cage meme, but it’s not the only one, not by a long shot, Cage made sure of that with his movie choices and insane acting. He became a laughing stock, and the memers of the internet simply refined what was happening.

The lesser known but far superior meme is Nic Cage as Everyone, and it plays out exactly as one might think, everybody gets Caged. Photoshopping Cage’s face on all possible people and characters even warranted for a special blog dedicated to this noble undertaking. You can really get lost on this little golden nugget of the internet, which is why the page got more than 2 million all-time hits.

Photoshop skills for this one are off the hook, and also this is the only way we would watch this TV show, as everything gets better with some Nic Cage in it. And if we would buy one actor as a serial killer that would be the menacing Cage.

Nicholas Cage and Quentin Tarantino is such a natural match we’re surprised it hasn’t happened so far on a larger scale than the tiny fake-movie bit Cage had in Grindhouse (2007).

And while there are not a lot of jobs in the entertainment business that are more unrewarding than Nic Cage’s agent, we really want to thank this man for all the choices he helped an academy award winner make. Because this is where the best Nicolas Cage memes come from, his terrible movies.

The pinnacle of abysmal Cage movies is The Wicker Man (2006), a perfect example of a movie which is so bad that it actually provides great entertainment value. At least watch the best scenes from this cult flick so you’ll get why people write “No, not the beees!” and “How did it get burned?!” on the internet so much.

Even the better Cage movies delivered on the meme potential. The 1997 classic action movie Con Air is the perfect example, as the ludicrous look of Cage’s character had it engrained in our brains and simply begged to be made fun of.

While Cage truly did have some great movies like Rasing Arizona, Michael Bay’s The Rock, Face-Off, one of his most memorable roles is the one of a historian in the family adventure National Treasure. The premise became a meme pretty quickly.

And whatever is your stance on Cage, be thankful that you didn’t learn about the bees from a textbook with Nic on it. That’s how you end up with melissophobia.

What are some of your favorite Nicolas Cage memes? Please leave them in the comments or the bees will get you.