Substitute Teacher Gets Trashed On Wine, Pukes All Over Classroom And Gets Arrested

Photo: Columbia Pictures

Either this substitute teacher was aiming to be the coolest sub ever, or she has some serious issues. Let’s assume it’s both.

So it’s not just regular teachers losing their mind these days, it’s also substitute teachers. Need proof of that? Check out the Oklahoma sub who exposed her vagina in the classroom while doing a cartwheel. And then check out the Georgia substitute teacher who invited two students to her home for sex. And once you get your fill of those two crazies, read up on this South Carolina teacher below.

Photo: Facebook

Photo: Facebook

That woman in the photo above is 52-year-old substitute teacher, Judith Elizabeth Richards-Gartee, and she recently looked over a class at a Lexington 2 high school. Well, she didn’t exactly look after them because Richards-Gartee brought a box of wine with her and got completely trashed. And that wasn’t all.

Not only did Richards-Gartee drink wine in the classroom, but she drank so much she puked everywhere and actually had to be wheeled into the nurses office on a damn wheelchair, before eventually being taken to a hospital. According to the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department Richards-Gartee couldn’t stay on her feet when a school administrator arrived. “She had a box of wine in her bag that was opened, and students said she was consuming the wine during class,” an incident report stated.

And of course all of this led to Richards-Gartee being arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.

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