10 Absurd Things More Likely To Kill You Than A Tornado

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Tornados, beautiful destructors of cataclysmic proportions. And each spring, states primarily from Oklahoma to Florida have to worry about the threat much more. Without getting into the science of how they form, it’s important to remember that twisters, on average, can kill up to 60-100 people each year.

To put those numbers into another perspective, a really smart research meteorologist by the name of Dr. Harold E. Brooks told the New York Times that the odds of being killed by a tornado are 1 in 5 million. He works for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. So he knows his stuff.

So while tornados are an extreme danger each spring for much of the United States, what is more likely to kill you?

Here’s what we found.

10 Absurd Things More Likely To Kill You Than A Tornado

So if you’ve learned anything from this it’s that you can die pretty much at any moment, and no one can avoid it. Unless you’re a character in “Final Destination.” But eventually you will also meet your maker. How’s that for a sunny ending?

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