Guy Uses Nothing But Nickelback Lyrics To Talk To Girl On Tinder And She Agrees To Meet Him

Photo: Mark Davis (Getty)

Well, this might be the only thing that Nickelback has done well.

There aren’t a lot of fans of Nickelback’s music out there, as over the years they’ve sort of become a gimmick. So much so that police in Canada once threatened to use their music to punish drunk drivers. There was also once an app that played Nickelback’s music if you happened to look at pictures of your ex. But now it looks as if those Canadian boys and their lyrics have come in handy. Well, at least for one dude on Tinder who actually used lyrics from the band in order to reel in a gal named Kaitlyn.

Now I don’t know who in the hell would know so many Nickelback lyrics (unless he looked them up), but this guy knew enough to swoon this gal. And Kaitlyn obviously had no clue she was reading the words of Nickelback lead singer Chad Kroegar but they worked on her.

Take a look at the exchange below thanks to Reddit.





Chad and his boys would be proud their awful, cringeworthy lyrics actually worked on some gal. In reality, I think most women would throw up if any guy actually said any of that to them in person.

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