Look How Sad (And Hilarious) All These Valentine’s Day Pizzas People Got Delivered Were

Photo: Twitter

While a lot of folks went out on Valentine’s Day and braved the jammed-packed restaurants and long wait times, some people decided that it was best to stay in and order some pizza. Because honestly pizza is always the way to go. Well, except this time around.

Papa John’s And Pizza Hut decided to get into the spirit of things yesterday by selling heart-shaped pizzas. And while that seems like a nice idea, it didn’t exactly go as planned. Just take a look at all the horror scenes in a box people received. Let’s just say no love went into making these pizzas.

Check them out below thanks to Twitter.

Well, what a shitshow that was. This is just more proof that when it comes to pizza Papa John’s And Pizza Hut are garbage.

h/t Distractify

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