The Week’s Funniest GIFs 2-9-17

Can you believe it’s Thursday already? Well, even if the answer is no, too bad. You have to believe it, How else do you explain another fresh round of the funniest GIFs stumbled upon this week? It’s full of people — and the occasional dog or cat — hurting themselves and…actually, it looks like that’s pretty much every single GIF this week butt one (hint, hint). See if you can catch the outlier as you scroll your way through yet another painfully funny collection of the best loopin’ LOLz in town.

Strike a pose! (then strike your face)
I’d hate to see her walk and chew gum at the same time.
Hang in there, kitt– oh, nevermind.
As if this needed to be made more memorizing with a light-up hula hoop.
He probably shouldn’t be procreating anyways.
Little 1-800-EXT-HELP?
In rare cases, watching TV is actually beneficial to your advancement in life
So 2006.
You dove upside-down, lady.
Maybe stick to Hot Wheels for a few more years.
Cat-ch! Or don’t.
Team building exercises are overrated anyways.

Last week’s hilarious GIFs, on the other hand, incredibly underrated. Check ’em out if you don’t believe us.


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