Doctors In India Actually Found A Live Cockroach Living Inside A Woman’s Skull

Photo: YouTube

Holy hell, why?

If you thought living with 23 snakes was scary, and if you thought getting attacked by hundreds of bedbugs while you rest in a hotel bed was even worse, then you haven’t seen anything yet, because this story might keep you up for the next couple of nights.

A woman recently decided to visit the Stanley Medical College and Hospital in Chennai, India after she continued to have an “itchy, crawling sensation” in her nasal cavity that obviously caused her a lot of pain. After two visits to the hospital, doctors believed that the pain the 42-year-old was feeling was probably from a cold or a nasal growth. But they were way off when the woman decided to visit the hospital for a third time.

And what did they find once they used a nasal endoscopy? Yep, a cockroach that was very, very alive. Oh god. The head of the department, Dr M N Shankar revealed that a cockroach had been resting on the woman’s skull, between her eyes.

If you think you can handle it, check out this video of the docs actually pulling that jerk of a cockroach out.

Doctors In India Actually Found A Live Cockroach Living Inside A Woman’s Skull

Well, I’m not eating anymore today (no, I will).

“It was alive. And it didn’t seem to want to come out,” Dr Shankar told Times of India. Another doctor, Dr S Muthuchitra, had this to say, too:”We had to use a combination of suction and forceps to finally pull it out.”

I’m going to assume that cockroach found his way up there while the woman slept, so now we will just avoid sleeping. Yep, that’s the solution.

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