Twitter Lost Their Mind Over This Toy Horse With An Extremely Specific Detail

Photo: Zzvet (Getty)

Well then, seems like this toy company really took the saying “hung like a horse” seriously.

Twitter loves to get together sometimes to either poke fun at someone, like they did when they poked fun at Donald Trump explaining movie plots, or to call someone out like when they called out Hilary Duff’s pilgrim costume. But this time around Twitter was baffled when they discovered a toy horse that was all man.

Twitter user Bob Velcoro shared a tweet that focused on a toy horse. Here is the toy horse looking pretty typical.

toy horse with creepty detail1

Photo: Twitter

But then you flip it over and you’re confronted with this…

horse with creepy detail2

Photo: Twitter

Yep, it’s a penis. Here’s the tweet Velcoro shared:

Velcoro also points out that only the horse came with this…detail…

And of course, Twitter chimed in:

There’s an explanation to this. According to Redditor Zeppelinfan81592, this toy developr sure loves adding human penises to his horses:

Photo: Reddit

Photo: Reddit

Give it up to Battat toys for really sticking not holding back.

h/t Distractify

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