Today’s Funny Photos 12-9-16

Oh, hello again. Didn’t see you there. Please, come right in. You’re just in time for another riveting tale of today’s Funny Photos. Actually, it’s not so much a “tale” as it is a collection of random images meant to make you laugh, but you know what I mean. Then again, do you really know what I mean? After all, I’ve been writing this entire intro as if I was starring in my own personal Mister Roger’s Neighborhood and you have yet to call me out on it. I don’t think you know me at all!

Fortunately, I know you. You’re a man (or woman, I don’t see gender – whatever the hell that even means) who likes cracking up at stupid memes and various other ridiculous pictures to get you through your day. I’ve gotten pretty good at delivering on that brand of content, so all you need to do is sit back, give it a glance over, and continue to neglect the fact that writing these opening blurbs day in and day out is slowly driving me over the edge of sanity. Don’t worry, though, I’ll be alright.

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Today’s Funny Photos 12-9-16:




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