Married PE Teacher Arrested For Having Sex With 3 Students

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Wait, what? Another teacher hooked up with a student? Shocker. Actually, this one in particular hooked up with three, because why the hell not?

Now that we’ve heard about a sick British teacher who hooked up with a student on top of his wife’s wedding dress, and now that we know about the teacher who had sex with two students in her classroom on the same day, the teacher in this story has apparently one-up the latter.

Nicole Almond, a married 45-year-old PE teacher and basketball coach at Port Barre High School in Louisiana was arrested after it was discovered that she not only had been sending nude pictures to three different students, but she had hooked up with them, too.

Photo: Facebook

Photo: Facebook

According to reports from KADA, Aymond was arrested due to a tip from a concerned parent. Going to assume this parent’s student was enjoying PE more than usual and the parent noticed that wasn’t normal.

“He went today to the school to speak to her. He had already spoken to 2 of the students already that were involved and they showed him text messages that she had sent to them of nude photos of herself,” said Port Barre Police Chief Deon Boudreaux.

After seeing the pictures, Aymond did not deny it. “She admitted ‘yes that was me,’ I had done this. She told them she had sexual relationship with 2 of the young men and a third young man not a sexual relationship, she did kiss on him and things like that,” said Boudreaux adds.

While all three students were 17, which is the age of consent in Louisiana, there is another law that prohibits school teachers and educators from getting into a sexual relationship with a student at a school their employed, too, under the age of 21.

Photo: WBRZ

Photo: WBRZ

The horny teacher was booked into the Port Barre jail on three counts of prohibited sexual conduct between educator and student with bond set at $7,500.

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