Today’s Funny Photos 11-21-16

OK, deep breath. Hold it. And now exhale. Do this a few more times. We know it’s Monday, so we just wanted to calm you a bit. What? You now feel more upset? Well, we didn’t do our job.

But hey! It’s Thanksgiving in a few days so you can fill your body with as much food as you want, so that’s something to look forward to. You know what else you can look forward to? Our Funny Photos. And you don’t have to wait a few days either because we have them for you right now. See? Your Monday is already turning around. Now you don’t hate us as much. So now let us make you a tad happier with these funnies.

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Today’s Funny Photos 11-21-16

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And speaking of Home Alone‘Home Alone’ Featuring Blood Will Shatter Your Childhood Forever








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