Expert Photoshop Troll Does It Again With Another Round Of Instant Masterpieces

James Fridman has turned trolling folks on the internet using the magic of Photoshop into an art. We’re not just talking about the numerous Photoshop battles that go on daily over on Reddit, either. In those case, the victims aren’t usually asking for it; it’s simply the luck of the draw. But as far as James goes, more often than not, the people he chooses to mock may as well have posted a picture of themselves online holding a “Roast Me” sign.

Photoshop Troll James Fridman Claims Latest Victims:

When will they learn?

via Veriy

We’ve said it before and we’re happy to say it again — James Fridman is a true artist: The Photoshop Troll Is Back Making Works Of Art For All Of Us To Laugh At