Nutmeg, The World’s Oldest Cat Got Photoshopped As A Reward For Still Not Being Dead

And you can’t return this gift, cat.

We sure do love our Photoshop jobs. From “Action Squirrel” to the dog wearing a “ballistic vest,” to the Photoshop troll who makes works of art, we seriously can’t get enough of the magic that occurs when people have some imagination and a hell of a lot of free time on their hands. And now it’s the world’s oldest cat’s turn.

Nutmeg the cat is 31-years-old which would be 141-years-old in human years. If I lived 141 years it would be about 100 years too many. Nutmeg only has three teeth, but he does have his own room and is well taken care off by his British owners Tyne and Wear. Nutmeg also gets fed tuna, cream and hot roast chicken. Although, Nutmeg looks like he isn’t a happy camper. Take a look at the picture below of him thanks to Reddit:


Chin up, Nutmeg. The internet has Photoshopped you as a gift. Take a look at some of the best works the internet had to offer:

May you live 31 more years, although you are probably miserable so hopefully not.

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