Today’s Funny Photos 11-10-16

Man, it sure has been a rough week. Hell, it’s been a rough, bizarre year, and I think many people are ready for this year to be over and done with. The year 2016 hasn’t been very kind for the most part, but hey, at least there are only a few weeks left in the year. And at least you still have our Funny Photos to laugh at, because when it comes down to it we still have to find the positive in stuff — even if that is in our Funny Photos.

So let’s take a deep breath, tell ourselves things will be OK, and hope for the best. And let’s start that by checking out yet another batch of laughs.

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Today’s Funny Photos 11-10-16

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Florida has my attention again: Florida Woman Makes ‘Hot Single Female’ Sign To Get Power Back After Hurricane Irma



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