Today’s Funny Photos 11-9-16

There’s an eerie silence outside my window. That is the silence of the morning after a tense Election Day. If the person you wanted to win is now president, well let’s celebrate by laughing at these Funny Photos that we have for you. But if the person you wanted to win didn’t win, you are probably angry and depressed and afraid, and you need a big distraction. Well, Mandatory is here for you with some funnies that will hopefully take your mind off how pissed off you are. Because in the end we are still all in this together.

So let’s begin cleaning up this headache that we ourselves created and let’s start back on the road to good. Let’s start that by checking out these laughs, and hopefully you will feel a tad better by the end of them.

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Today’s Funny Photos 11-9-16

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Watch out for the Lizard Man: South Carolina Warns Of ‘Lizard Man’ Sightings During Eclipse



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