Today’s Funny Photos 11-8-16

It’s Election Day, and you know what that means — election-themed funny photos for all! Or, you know, whoever is checking out our funny photos today and isn’t out voting. You really should be voting, you know. People like this guy could become the norm if you don’t. But that’s as serious as we’re going to get with this intro, mostly because this is supposed to be about hilarious pictures and memes and not about politics. If only there was some way it could be both…

Today’s Funny Photos 11-8-16: Election Day Edition

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There’s more to our Funny Photos section besides just funny photos, you know.

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We also do a weekly Funniest Tweets roundup. This week, we even did an Election Tweets special.

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If you want things to go back to the way they were, check out yesterday’s Funny Photos.