Hilarious And Random Selfie Teen Girl Saves Finally Comes In Handy To Reject Thirsty Dude

I’ll admit it, us guys are pretty gross, terrible humans, so you have to feel for what women have to deal with on a daily basis. But hey, sometimes gals lose their marbles, too, like this girl who flipped her shit when a dude rejected her. Or, how about that girl who was caught cheating by her boyfriend through a text? My point being, no one is perfect. But there is no thing that is absolute perfect: A hilarious selfie that a girl saved that finally came in handy to troll some dude who wanted to see her naked.

Reese Herbert, a 16-year-old from Houston, recently got a random text from a boy she goes to school with. The dude clearly sees an opening when Reese tells him she is about to shower. And how did he respond? Well, with the classic line that all guys have used: “I wanna see.”

Thankfully, Reese had the most hilarious selfie saved up that worked as a perfect response. Check it below thanks to Reese’ Twitter:


Yep, take a look at this gem:


Reese of course shared it to Twitter where it has been retweeted over 3,300 times.

And at least Reese was nice enough not to reveal this kid’s identity, because chances are he’s already feeling embarrassed as it is.

h/t Someecards

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