School Presentation About Internet Security Actually Becomes Entertaining When Pornhub Is Shown On Big Screen

Photo: drbimages (Getty)

“Um…sorry about that, guys.”

Something tells me that the fellas that were presenting this would have preferred their screen to explode like this kid’s phone exploded, because unfortunately, like Hillary Clinton’s Wikipedia page, this presentation was hacked, and it became the school’s most memorable moment, probably.

As if giving a presentation wasn’t rough enough, rugby star Jarryd Haybe was handed the duty of giving a presentation on internet security to a bunch of dumb kids at Robina State High School in Australia. And the folks in charge of the presentation, Norton Security, informed the kids that they were going to hack Jarryd’s phone to show them how easy hacking is. Well, they did it, and now everyone knows what type of porn Jarryd is into. That obviously wasn’t supposed to occur.


The folks at Norton hacked Jarryd’s phone, and at first a showed some random player from the Kansas City Chiefs, followed by a bunch of porn clips from Pornhub. And of course, like any high school student would, the entire audience begins to laugh, all while Jarryd dies inside hoping the world would open up and swallow him whole.

The idiots at Norton would later released a statement saying the Pornhub images had come from an external device that had connected to the school’s network… not from Hayne’s browser history.

In conclusion: Norton Security is still terrible at everything they do.

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