Trashy Couple Makes Sex Tape In Toy Aisle Of Walmart

Photo: Christian Aslund (Getty)

Out of all the aisles, you really had to do it where the most kids would be at? I’m sure you’ve read our article on how much money these celebrity sex tapes have made, but something tells me the sex tape in this story won’t be making a buck anytime soon. And sure, you’ve read about the pregnant teacher who was caught having sex with a student, and the other story of a teacher being caught having sex with two students in a classroom, but now check this one out.

This useless pair of society thought it would be a fantastic idea to not only have sex in a Walmart, but to do it in a toy aisle. Right on, idiots. Oh, and they filmed the whole thing so they could watch it later while eating handfuls of Spam. Oh, and the video is less than two minutes, so that’s probably not something you want to be proud of, dude.

The Worst Sex Tape Ever

Here are some screenshots of the video:


Man, this dude loves looking at himself.


Any witnesses? Nope. Back at it.




“What a great idea that was, babe.”


Man, she sue looks satisfied, because all women look disgusted after sex, right?

This couple actually uploaded the footage to the internet themselves, because that’s what you do nowadays. But hey, good thing the woman was wearing what barely qualify as shorts, as it made it easier on this classy dude.

And according to Dude Comedy, this lovely pair have been banned from Walmart, but not unfortunately not from society. But for them, being banned from Walmart is probably the same. Putting a true meaning into “People of Walmart”.

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