Today’s Funny Photos 10-27-16

Where would you lovely folks be without our Funny Photos? Probably more miserable than usual. Or more happy. It honestly depends on how you feel about us. We are going to assume you like us a tad, but we also appreciate when you send hate mail — you have to keep the balance, and we can’t get too comfortable. But as always, keep the death threats to a minimum.

That said, I think we should stop talking about death and start talking about some funnies, because that is why you’re here and why I am rambling so damn much. As always, enjoy these funnies and make sure to tell your friends about us because we can always use more friends. We are so damn lonely. Enjoy!

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Today’s Funny Photos 10-27-16

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And speaking of nightclubs: Here’s All The Crap Bouncers At A Canadian Nightclub Had To Deal With On New Year’s Eve








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