Guy Discovers Hot Girl’s Tinder Profile Picture Was Taken In His Bathroom, And He’s Never Met Her Before

Everyone has used Tinder, mainly for meeting people that they will have long-lasting connections with and hopefully lead to marriage. Kidding, it’s just to hook up. That is why plenty of dudes would swipe right on these hilarious Tinder profiles. Although, sometimes Tinder doesn’t always go as planned – just ask the dude who lost his mind after he was rejected. Better yet, ask the dude in this story who was confronted with a bizarre discovery.

Mark Kowalczyk is a 19-year-old student at West Virginia University. Look at that rad backwards hat.


Photo: Twitter/Mark Kowalczyk

And this is 19-year-old Jenna Zagrodniczek, also student a at WVU.

Screen Shot 2016-10-24 at 1.00.17 PM

Photo: Twitter/Jenna Zagrodniczek

So here’s what happened: While looking for sex on Tinder (probably), Mark landed on Jenna and realized that her Tinder profile picture was taken in his bathroom. Yep. And he has never met Jenna in his whole damn life. And how did he know? Well, he told BuzzFeed that the picture was in his bathroom because in the lower left hand corner lay a pile of dirty clothes, a staple move by his roommate.

Here’s a closer look:



Mark of course swiped right, shared it on Twitter and it blew up completely. Mark and Jenna learned that Jenna must had attended a party where Mark lives, and just never met. And like every woman, Jenna used her bathroom time to snag a selfie of herself.

Jenna also admits to being on Mark’s porch that night:

And guess what? Mark and Jenna have been messaging back and forth and plan to meet on Halloween. So this love story will hopefully end in a happy ending, because the lord knows that Mark is hoping for that.

Or Mark can end up being a serial killer. Who knows.

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