The Funniest GIFs Of The Week 10-20-16

Since everyone reads these intros on a weekly basis and never, ever blows right past them to get to the GIFs, surely you are all on the edge of your seats. After all, we left you with quite the cliffhanger last Thursday, with a baby on the brink of death — OK, he was just about to fall over very slowly, but it was still pretty intense. However, rather than deliver on what we promised right away, we’re going to let you sweat it out a little bit. After all, if we just immediately showed you what happened, where’s the suspense? Also, we like to kick things off with a sexy GIF, and that staple ain’t going anywhere. So laugh your ass off at a batch of fresh rolling LOLz and you’ll have your answers soon enough. And we’re totally not overhyping it in the slightest like The Walking Dead always does, virtually ensuring the end result won’t be satisfying regardless of what it is. Trust us, it’ll be the most mind-blowing reveal you’ve ever witnessed.

GIFs Of The Week 10-20-16:


“She can drive on me any day,” said creepy uncles everywhere.


Wait for it…wait for it…


If you’re going to fail, fail miserably.


This is why you don’t hitch rides on the backs of trucks.


And this is why kids shouldn’t have cell phones.


He’s going to save a fortune on gas.


Gimme a pound, dog– I mean, cat.


Those new vegan weed whackers are amazing.


Everything’s better with multiple explosions.


Someone’s walked face first into the screen door one too many times.

And now, for the moment you’ve all been waiting for…


Actually, as it turns out, my intro ran a little long and the baby got too old. He wasn’t really cute anymore, so we just recast him and came up with this hilarious ending instead.

Satisfied? Of course you’re not. But that was all part of our diabolical plan to get you to travel back to happier times and revisit last week’s hilarious GIFs.