Today’s Funny Photos 10-19-16

The week is officially at the halfway point, which means you are probably at your boiling point. But never fear, as today’s funny photos are once again here to save your ass. There have been scientific studies that prove that laughter can actually increase your lifespan as well as even make sick people well again. Not the kind of studies that we are going to take the time to look up and recite back to you, though, so just take our word for it and move on.

With most of today, tomorrow and Friday still on the horizon, we’re all in desperate need of some LOLz to even attempt to make it to the weekend without completely crumbling under the weight of the remainder of the week. That’s why we made today’s roundup extra funny. They say to always save the best for last, but if that were the case, who would even bother suffering through the middle stuff? So enjoy the following photos for all they’re worth, as they might be the only chance you have at true happiness today.

Funny Photos 10-19-16:

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Don’t hate on our Funny Photos section.

6 funny photos 10-19-167_funny_photos_10_19_168_funny_photos_10_19_169_funny_photos_10_19_16

Plenty more Funny Photos where these came from.

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