This Is The Greatest And Most Brutal Twitter Exchange Between Two Middle-Aged Women Ever

We all love reading about burns and comebacks on the internet, especially if the folks on the receiving end are going to need medical attention after the severe insults they get. But sometimes the back and forth isn’t done by young people, sometimes middle-aged people get in on the action. Specifically, two middle-aged women.

This little Twitter exchange occurred between Nancy Hanes, known as Mama Hanes on Twitter, and Sister Robyn known as KrystalsCondom (nice). All that Hanes did was put up a picture and referenced Beyonce, and Robyn wasn’t having any of it. Take a look at the hilarious exchange below:

Brutal Twitter Exchange








Damn, these women did not hold back, and Hanes dropped a Whoville reference on poor Robyn. This exchange had it all. Apparently that burn from Hanes was so harsh that Robyn’s Twitter doesn’t even exist anymore. Hanes literally shot her off the internet.

h/t Tumblr

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