Hotel Makes Woman’s Dreams Come True By Filling Her Room With Jeff Goldblum Pictures

There is no one alive that hates Jeff Goldblum, that is scientifically proven. And even though his “Independence Day” sequel bombed (I blame a lack of Will Smith because I blame everything on him) it is hard to deny the love we all love for him, and it’s obvious the internet loves him, too. But does anyone love him enough to have their whole hotel room filled with pictures of him?

That’s actually what happened when Seth Freedman flew into Santa Monica for a friend’s wedding. He decided to stay at the Huntley Hotel and was asked if there was anything else that could be done to make his stay more comfortable. And so he acted like a good boyfriend and thought about his girlfriend:

“I thought about it, and thought about what might delight the girlfriend,” he wrote in a Facebook post. “And asked if they might be able to place a few framed photos of Jeff Goldblum in the room. I wasn’t sure if it would actually happen until we got to the hotel…”

And then, of course, Seth and his girlfriend were confronted with this:





In an interview with the Huffington Post, Freedman explained the odd request. “Jeff Goldblum is my girlfriend’s celebrity crush, specifically, she’s a big fan of ‘Independence Day’-era ‘heroic Goldblum.’ I’m more a ‘Big Chill’ Goldblum man myself, but you really can’t go wrong,” Freedman tells Huffington Post.

“We thought it was cheeky, but we get specific requests all the time, such as someone who wants green apples instead of red, or wants the furniture covered,” desk manager David Cohen said.

“We said to ourselves, ‘We can meet this!’”

And now they will get the best review on Yelp they can imagine.

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