Rejected Dude From Tinder Absolutely Loses His Mind On Girl

This isn’t the first time and definitely won’t be the last time we hear of a guy going bonkers over being rejected by a woman. And with every rejection comes a different reaction, so while one rejected dude might respond with nothing but cringe, another rejected guy will respond with nothing but passive aggressive comments. But let’s check out how the tool below reacted to being rejected by a girl he met on Tinder and continued talking to through text.

It all kicked off with an odd question by him, and then everything spun out of control.

Dude used his mom to get laid. He’s going to get haunted big time, that’s for sure. You never play the “dead mom” card. Dad pet? Sure. But dead mom? That’s just cold. Pun intended. You know, because she’s dead…cold…never mind.

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