Sexy Cosplayer Cara Nicole Trujillo Is Running For Office In Arizona

What does a cosplayer famous for her buxom figure and nerdy outfits know about politics? The answer is, it doesn’t matter. She’s gathered up all the necessary signatures according to her official website and is easier on the eyes than Donald or Hillary, so let’s just make this happen.

Of course, according to Cara Nicole Trujillo’s Facebook page, she’ll only “be on the same ballot as the next President of the United States,” officially just running for the Arizona Legislature as a Green Party candidate.

News of the Arizona cosplayer’s run for office broke via Phoenix New Times. She informed them that while she would be making her regular appearance at Phoenix Comicon this year, it would be a little different this time around, as she’d also be handing out campaign buttons and asking for donations for her first bid for public office.

So how does Cara think her career as a cosplay model will affect her run? She told the New Times, “This is my job. People will try to use it against me. If I dress up in a suit, people would say I’m a fraud.” But she’s still not going to let that dissuade her: “I am serious about this. I felt it was a good time to run. I’m glad people are deciding they want to get more involved, and I want to give people the opportunity to choose something more outside the red-and-blue party system.”

She’s got our vote. How about you?

(h/t Cosplay – The best in costume play – Kotaku)

(all photos via Facebook)

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