Today’s Funny Photos

Today’s funny photos are here to distract you from the fact that you probably have to go out there and do chores and errands and boring adult stuff.. Oops. Sorry to remind you of all that. You probably didn’t want to remember any of that. You also probably don’t want to remember that you still have to do your taxes. Whoops. I did it again. My bad. I should probably just shut up and tell you to check out this batch of Funny Photos, right? OK, I’m going to shut up. Now go check out some of these funnies and laugh your worries away. That is really all that you can do nowadays. So, um, do it! Please.

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Don’t cry. No really, don’t. We want you to be happy. And the only way we can make you happy is by letting you that there are plenty more Funny Photos where that came from, folks.


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