Oregon Mother Tried Smuggling Drugs To Her Jailed Daughter In Tampons

It sounds like one female prisoner was about to be a lot happier than others when she got her period.

According to UPI, a 53-year-old Oregon mother has pleaded guilty to dealing drugs after she tried to get meth and oxycodone to her daughter in jail by hiding them in tampons she taped to the back of a toilet, so she’ll be joining her daughter behind bars for 30 days.

Authorities said Elizabeth Kay Sparkman taped several tampon applicators stuffed with oxycodone to the back of a toilet in a dental clinic that her daughter Brandi Lynn Miller had gotten permission to visit despite the fact she was in jail for identity theft.

Unfortunately for Miller, the tape her mother used gave way before she got there, and officers confiscated the tampons after finding them on the floor. Sparkman attempted to make a second delivery, this time throwing some meth in with 18 oxycodone pills, but police officers were waiting for her at the dental office and arrested her.

How did they find out about the drop? You guessed it: The mother-daughter duo actually had a phone conversation about it at the prison, and authorities were listening in.

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