Neighbor’s Sex Complaint Note Leads To Hilariously Pointed Response

Complaint notes are usually more pathetic than they are useful. Timidly leaving a strongly worded note on someone’s door (or in the case of the following story, the lift shared by your apartment block) will likely end up getting your cowardly attempt at confrontation posted on Reddit before it actually solves anything.

Enter Redditor GezStickman. He apparently likes to have obnoxiously loud bone sessions that wake everyone on his floor. Seems pretty douchey. However, his neighbor’s lack of a backbone winds up getting him off (no pun intended) scot-free. First, let’s check out the note intended for him and his girlfriend:

sex complaint note with hilarious response
Pretty weak, right? Sure, you feel for the person writing it, but at the same time, did they really think the fact that they bubble-lettered the exclamation point was going to hammer home how serious they were? Well, it didn’t. And sure enough, it wasn’t long before another resident decided enough was enough:

sex complaint note with hilarious response
All you can say at this point is checkmate. Still, we have a feeling this isn’t the last we’ve heard from angry note writers.

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