Woman Leaves Note For Neighbors Having Super Loud Sex, Gets Back Awesome Response

Photo: DRB Images, LLC (Getty)

Let’s just all agree that the majority of neighbors are pretty awful, as they usually go out of their way to make your life a living hell, right? I mean, this dude actually set fire to his own apartment to escape his neighbors’ sex noises, and this dude had to leave a note for the asshole next door who kept yelling at his girlfriend. But the story below has a happy ending…in more ways than one.

Jenna Levine, a Syracuse University student, was getting a little tired of the crazy loud sex that her neighbors were having, so instead of crying into a pillow and asking God why she’s alone like I would have done, Jenna decided to leave this note. Take a look at it below thanks to Jenna’s Twitter:


Photo: Twitter/JennaFrmDaBl0ck

But Jenna got a response back (I’m assuming they waited until their various orgasms were over with to write a response). Check out the response below that included a candy bar:


Photo: Twitter/JennaFrmDaBl0ck

Now this is the note included with the candy bar:


Photo: Twitter/JennaFrmDaBl0ck

See? Sometimes happy endings occur between neighbors. One neighbor got a lot of sex that night, and the other neighbor got a chocolate candy bar. So who is the real winner here? The person who got sex. I know.

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