The 17 Worst Company Logos Ever Conceived

As somebody who worked at an ad agency for years, let me say that there is absolutely no excuse for the release of poorly done, overtly sexual graphics for businesses that don’t deal in sex. Logos, like commercials, billboards, magazine ads, etc. must go through several hands and approval processes before the final product is presented to the client. So, with that being the case, it can only be assumed that some of these logos were intended to be at least somewhat sexual, because – well, just look at them.

Sun Rise Sushi
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According to the not-always-reliable Internet, this logo was intended to represent a sun rising behind a Japanese tea house for a restaurant aptly named Sun Rise Sushi. However, other websites claim it was for the Brazilian Institute of Oriental Studies. All in all, we don’t really care what this design was intended for because to us, it looks like a whole lot of butt stuff.

The Computer Doctors
Funny, Funny Photos, Bad Logos
The computer doctors “make computers work for you.” Indeed, but it seems like they give a mighty good handy as well.

The Catholic Church’s Archdiocesan Youth Commission
Funny, Funny Photos, Bad Logos
This revealing graphic was once the logo for a commission intended to build upon the priest/youth (alter boy?) relationship back in 1973. Foreshadowing? Evidently, yes.

Funny, Funny Photos, Bad Logos
At first glance, you might assume this logo was intended for the lovely porn stars of America, but this logo was actually designed for a Swedish property management company called Locum. The heart replaced the “o” and, with that switch, came a very provocative logo that had little to do with managing one’s real estate.

Funny, Funny Photos, Bad Logos
For some inexplicable reason A-Style’s logo was created before the company was conceived. Eventually, the logo’s obscurity was covered by a number of noteworthy publications, and t-shirts were produced as a result. It is now a formidable clothing line, believe it or not.

Vermont Maple Syrup
Funny, Funny Photos, Bad Logos
Not only is the “of” italicized for no good reason, but who in the Hell couldn’t see that, by adding a phallic faucet leaking into a bucket, Vermont looks a lot like a man urinating.

Mama’s Baking
Funny Photos, Bad Logos
Mama’s baking alright – with a whole lot of yeast.

Kid’s Exchange
Funny Bad Logos
This brand’s mishap displays the importance of grammar. You can’t tell me by reading this letter-heavy logo that you didn’t initially read something far more bizarre.

Arlington Pediatric Center
Funny Bad Logos
Nothing says your child is being treated properly more than an adult figure trying to engage in oral sex with a minor.

Islamic Understanding Institute
Funny Bad Logos
I’ll admit this could be seen as a stretch if it weren’t for the addition of architectural nipples. But there they are.

Loelia Massage Studio
Funny Bad Logos
It’s usually pretty easy to spot a massage parlor that graciously provides happy endings. (Look for crumbling architecture, a dark yet glowing lobby, and employees who speak broken – no, shattered – English.) With Loelia, however, you’re answer’s pretty much in the logo. (This place is in Houston, if you’re interested.)

Sport Beans

I get this one: a stupid logo for a stupid product.

Chimpanzee Breeding Centre
Funny Bad Logos
While it’s probably difficult to create a logo for a breeding centre that doesn’t look overtly sexual, a chimpanzee giving a much younger chimp a tap on the ass could have easily been avoided.

Billy Boy Energy Drinks
Funny Bad Logos
This is what I mean by being intentional. How can this not be a penis?

Family Bathroom
worst company logos, bad logos
I don’t have kids, but I figured family bathrooms were intended for changing diapers and stuff, not for whatever is going on here.

Technology Driven Transactions
Funny Bad Logos
This one isn’t sexual, but how in the Hell does this have anything to do with technology driven transactions? Is the door a metaphor for something?

Golden Stream

The logo is totally fine, but naming your a food company “Golden Stream” is asking for trouble.