Protect Your Pods With This Apple AirPods Pro Crazy Horse Leather Case

If we need anything in 2022, it’s protection. No, not just that protection, but from anything that might cause you discomfort. Look, we’re trying to run a wholesome publication here, so let’s cut to the chase: we’re really just talking about protecting your pods, specifically, your Apple AirPods. If you don’t have a case to keep them safe, you risk spending hundreds of dollars to fix or replace them, and disposable income just isn’t what it was before adulthood hit. Grab this Apple AirPods Pro Crazy Horse Leather Case and keep those babies out of harm’s way.

Okay, so here’s what you get when you grab the Apple AirPods Pro Crazy Horse Leather Case. With a full-leather construction encasing your precious pods, you’ll never sacrifice style for efficiency (your orthopedics are a different story, maybe get some real sneakers you elder millennial). Speaking of functionality, the case also includes a keychain so that you’ll airways have your earbuds on your belt, bags, knapsacks, underwear, or anywhere else you might need to hang the important stuff. The strong metal snap closure will keep everything cozy and fully encased from any bumps, shakes, or strides you may take on your journey through life (or just running to the Subway, you’ve been WFH for so long you’ve forgotten what it’s like to be on time).

The coolest feature in our opinion is the little slot to slip your charging cable. Whether you need juice on the go or just want to keep your earbuds in one neat and tiny place while they get a jolt, you can just click into the case and watch the power zip into those tiny music machines. And, because it doesn’t obstruct the charging light, you’ll always know when they’re fully cooked.

Get the Apple AirPods Pro Crazy Horse Leather Case in blue for $39.99 (Reg. $69).

Prices subject to change.


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