Get Ready for a Meat Party With the Booze Dogs Boozy Blowout Variety Pack

Everyone knows what makes a great party. A ton of booze and a ton of meat. You should probably have some people too. Maybe music. Okay, there are a few more elements to a great party but the booze and the meat are crucial. Booze Dogs recognizes that which is why they have come up with the ultimate host your own party or potluck kit.

Meet the Booze Dogs Boozy Blowout Variety. This variety pack gives you 1lb. each of rum, gin, and bourbon-infused burger patties, 24 hot dogs, and 15 bratwursts to make you the star of any party in a jiffy.

People want you to “bring something” to the get-together? Well, you know everyone else is going to be bringing booze. Why toss another bottle of wine into the mix when you can show up with your booze in meat form?

All of the meat in this pack is premium-grade and mixed with the highest quality spices and marined in real booze. No synthetic flavoring anywhere. All of the meat varieties are slow smoked with natural hickory hardwood chips to enhance flavor and will make all of your friends start drooling when they smell the meats cooking.

All of the meat arrives frozen, it just has to thaw and reheat. Easy enough when you’re bringing it to a party. And don’t be fooled by the booze, people of all ages can enjoy this meat legally and responsibly. Plus, you can feel good because with every online purchase, 3% of profits are donated to the Best Friends Animal Society.

Turn the party up a notch with a whole heap of meats. Right now, you can get the Booze Dogs Boozy Blowout Variety for 10% off $129 at just $116.99 for a limited time.

Prices are subject to change.


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