Save 25% on This Organic Calming CBD Spray

Sci-fi writers used to speculate about time travel, flying cars, and tight leather pants, but few realized that the greatest technological accomplishment of the modern-day would be identifying CBD. For real: we found the part of smoking pot that makes you sleepy, and stripped out all the chemicals that make you want to watch Rick & Morty reruns. This is the most minds that have been blown since the invention of fried cheese.

Sorry, we forgot what we were talking about, but the point is the Rejuvia CBD spray is on sale for $29.99 (normally 40) in two colors: midnight breeze and glowing lucidity, plus a midnight breeze + glowing lucidity combo for just $49.99. And yes, those are the most stoner-y names for “purple” and “red” that have ever existed.

Rejuvia CBD products are all about making you feel your best, so the CBD you find in these sprays are extracted from organically grown hemp plants from safe and clean environments, so there’s virtually no concern that it’s been cut with mulch or any kind of weird, space-alien drug that will convince you that you’re a Japanese Peace Lily (and you’ve always been a Japanese Peace Lily). 

The minty “focus spray” is specifically designed to keep you focused on tasks all day long, and comes packed with approximately 240 sprays. Everyone has their own unique relationship with CBD, so you can use your dose to focus, to relax, to fall asleep, to take the edge of flirting with a new Tinder date, or (if we’re being real here) make that new episode of Rick & Morty funny (they’re really fallen apart in the last season or so, huh?). 

The Rejuvia CBD Spray is normally $40 but reduced to $29.99, but who knows how long that’ll be the case? Not us! Nobody tells us nothin’, because we’re always doing CBD and no one trusts us.

Prices subject to change.