Rock Out Anywhere With These Bluetooth Drum Accessories

We know the last 12 months have been difficult, and staying inside sounds enticing, but things are getting better, and it’s time to get out of the house. Trust us, the stench of your socially distant abode will still be there when you return, and your Netflix will still be paused on that movie recommendation you’re definitely going to watch. For now, why don’t you do something exciting like take your drums outside for a full jam sesh? No, we’re not telling you to actually pull the set to the curb (don’t be an annoying neighbor), but we are saying you should get some of these awesome Bluetooth accessories to help you be the one-man band you’ve always wanted. Happy drumming!

Pocket Guitar Foot Sensors

These babies slip right over your feet and can be used as basses or hi-hats, which is great for on-the-go drummers. These have little to no latency, so you’ll be able to get that smooth sound you’re looking for without actually drumming. And, to sweeten the deal, this comes with an app so you can rock on with a guide to see you through the difficult portions. Getting these sensors is a win-win for all drummers who want to get their drum on out of the house. Get the Pocket Guitar Foot Sensors for $68.95 (Reg $95).

PocketDrum Bluetooth Drum Sticks

Want to drum wherever your little heart wishes? We got you. These sticks connect to your phone and allow you to hear the music you’re playing without actually smacking the symbols. There’s even an option to put them on gaming modes to give you refresher courses on how to play. And, if you need any more proof how killer these things are,  just ask the 5,282 backers on Indiegogo who donated $487,877 to get them off the ground. Get the PocketDrum Bluetooth Drum Sticks for $118.95 (Reg. $139). Like them better in white? No sweat, you can grab those here for $84.95 (Reg. $99).

PocketDrum Too Real Drum Sticks and Foot Sensor Set

And, in case you want the whole shebang, this deal comes with both the sticks and foot sensors, so you never have to worry about bringing the whole drum set on a plane, bus, car, to the park, or anywhere else a drum set obviously doesn’t live. These bad boys are Bluetooth capable, have a learning function, and come with an app to guide you through air jamming. Use them for just about 10 hours a charge for ultimate headbanging fun. Think of it as taking the band with you in your pocket without the fighting, cursing, and eventual dismemberment (sorry, even The Beatles went through it). Get the PocketDrum Too Real Drum Sticks and Foot Sensor Set for $135.95 (Reg. $159).

Prices subject to change.